Seaside Fido is committed to protecting our oceans.

How do we do this? 

Sustainable and natural materials 

We are all for natural, recyclable products wherever possible. We chose to create our own brand with hemp materials which are awesome for your dog and the planet. Find out more about our hemp range HERE

      Eco-friendly packaging 

      We use recycled and compostable materials wherever possible. You can recycle our boxes and our wood wool (both of which come from sustainable NZ Forests). You can also recycle our FSC assured, acid-free tissue paper and compost our parcel packaging. For more information about how to compost your packaging check out r3Pack

      Other Brands We Stock

      We work with ethical Kiwi brands and designers in order to support and promote our local economy. You'll notice the brands we stock care about natural, conscious, quality products just as much as we do. 

      Off-Setting International Delivery Emissions 

      We've signed up to DHL's Climate Neutral shipment services on all of our international shipments.