About Us

Let us introduce ourselves... 

Who Are We

We're an online NZ pet retailer ran by dog fanatic Hollie 👆🏽 Seaside Fido proudly offers a range of NZ's best natural Kiwi products – exclusively for dogs.

From healthy treats your dog will love to biodegradablele poop bags, treating your bestie has never felt so good 🐶🧁🦴🌿

What's the name about? 

Fido (pronounced "F eye dough") is another word for dog. It caught on originally in America when President Lincoln named his dog Fido. The name was originally inspired by the latin ties to the word which translate to: "To trust and have confidence in" – A sentiment we feel is at the heart of the human-dog bond.

As for the seaside part... the brand was inspired by NZ's shores and hopes to be big enough to one day contribute a percentage of profits to protecting the ocean. 

Doing our bit:

Find out how Seaside Fido takes care of our planet here

    🇳🇿 Seaside Fido is proudly NZ owned and operated 🇳🇿