Is your dog bored? Here's what you can do.

Is your dog bored? Here's what you can do.

Is your dog struggling with destructive chewing, barking, scratching for no reason, hyperactivity, over-sleeping, or perhaps regularly attempting to escape? These could be tell tale signs that your bestie is well and truly bored. 

Just like humans, our furry intelligent friends need the right mental and physical stimulation to #livetheirbestlife. Let’s dive into 5 of our top boredom busting activities for you and your beloved pooch to try. 

🐾 5 boredom busters for your dog 🐾

1. Arrange a doggy playdate 

Just like us, our furry friends love to socialise. It might be time to give our favourite fellow dogaholic a call to arrange a playdate. A well-matched play pal is typically matched in energy levels and size to your dog, although of course there are always exceptions. 

Top tip: pick a neutral location to reduce the chances of any territory issues. Mi casa es su casa vibes are not as common in the dog world. 

2. A lasting dog chew 

The right dog treats can keep your pooch occupied for hours on end. When it comes to chews, antlers are an epic long-lasting option that also can relieve stress, clean teeth, strengthen the jaw and offer a powerhouse of nutrition. Our Otago antlers are 100% natural and ethically sourced. 

Top tip: Make sure the antler is the right size for your dog. If it's small enough to fit entirely in their mouth, go bigger.

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3. Dog puzzles and games aka "dog enrichment"

Meeting our dog’s natural needs and wants around play, smelling, chasing, chewing and scavenging is an effective way to bust boredom. Enrichment activities and games boost your dog’s confidence and encourages them to problem solve. Here are some to try out: 

Enrichment for dogs bored dogs dog bowl

Hide and seek: a popular fun "nose work" game, is playing hide and seek with treats or their favourite toy. It's helpful to introduce commands here so your dog understands what they need to do and when the game is over.

Food Enrichment via a slow feeder:  the design of the slow feeder bowls means that your dog will have to work to reach their food, slowing down their eating as well as providing mental stimulation as they navigate the obstacles within the bowl. You can make it harder by introducing twisted cardboard with hidden treats or putting the bowl inside another obstacle to begin with. 

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4. Mix up your dog walks 

Changing up the walk around the block can go a long way. New walking routes and environments mean that your dog can explore different sights, smells, and sounds, resulting in a sensory adventure for your dog to explore,  a workout for their body and mind – a happier, healthier dog all-round. 

5. Give dog agility a whirl 

Contrary to what you might think, agility training can be for fully grown dogs of all sizes, breeds and levels. Agility involves your dogs completing a selection of obstacles such as jumps and tunnels for rewards. Not only does agility enhance training with your dog and keeping them mentally stimulated, but it’s an awesome way to bond with your dog too. It seems like a hoot, let us know how you get on!

👉🏾 For more info on your nearest agility club click here 👈🏽

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires some fun activities to try with your bestie.